Dreams Playa Mujeres Changes Resort Rules

Since I will be going to this resort in Feb. I have been following them on social media and learned that the resort will now be allowing everyone to use the beachfront infinity pool (which had been adults-only); they are also thinking of allowing everyone to use the lazy river (which I believe would have been a policing nightmare) so hold off on that upgrade if that’s the only reason you are feeling the need to upgrade–it may not be necessary.

I believe that Dreams had been trying to go the route of Finest Playa Mujeres which does a nice job of creating separate spaces for adults and families; however, due to overwhelming social media pressure they have not been able to do that.  Perhaps Dreams loyal clientele are not willing to adjust to the new concept of attracting both an adult as well as family client base, or maybe it’s just the fact that one of the primo resort areas was for adults-only and that will not be tolerated by its following.  Who knows; but I was rather surprised to read about such a sense of entitlement and blatant disregard for resort policies and rules (adults stating they would be taking their children to that pool regardless of the rule)–my policy is if I don’t like the resort’s rules I won’t be going to that resort anytime soon. That’s like me going to the same resort without an upgrade and expecting to use the lazy river or get a room closer to the beach “just because I’m there and all amenities should be available to everyone”.  In their change of policy, resort management has forgotten that adults have also booked this resort with the knowledge of certain areas being reserved for adults-only and now face the possibility of losing bookings/new guests from that source.  When I go this Feb. I will be curious about a lot of things, not just how the resort looks.

What is your take on it?  Are you a loyal Dreams guest?

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