Beloved Playa Mujeres to Become Adults-Only

Sorry families, the Beloved Playa Mujeres is scheduled to become an adults-only resort come Sept. 1, 2016.  The resort is planning on adding more features and amenities geared towards an adults-only group of vacationers, but this info. is yet to come.

2 thoughts on “Beloved Playa Mujeres to Become Adults-Only

  1. It’s great except for people who have weddings planned there with children — reservations not honored because of children! Absolutely unfair – a transfer to Finest for the children just separates family and causes a relaxing vacation/ wedding to become a logistics nightmare, with planning which parent has to go to Finest with children and which parent gets to stay at Beloved and be part of the wedding celebration. Disgusted.

    • You know it never occurred to me about the wedding issue until you mentioned it. Yes indeed, what about the planned weddings with children as guests? From your comment looks like they are being shipped off to Finest. I love Finest, but I can see where it would put a definite damper on the party atmosphere for those guests.

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