Tulum Ruins Proposed Changes for Tourists

Tulum’s Mayan ruins is a popular tourist attraction in the Riviera Maya with approximately two million visitors each year.  Recently, there have been some proposed changes including the following:

  • a photo/video fee of 45 pesos (approximately USD $2.50) in addition to the entrance fee which, at the moment, is 65 pesos.  This fee allows visitors to take photos with their tablet, smartphone, GoPro, still photo, and video cameras.  It is unclear at this time whether this fee will be for each device or a one-time fee for all photos/videos taken.
  • several automated ticket dispensers are being installed in order to relieve some of the long lines at the box office.  There is no set date yet for these machines to be activated.

If you haven’t yet been to this site don’t hesitate to go!  It’s best to visit early in the morning before the heat of midday.  Also, don’t forget to either wear a swimsuit under your clothing or change in the bathroom prior to entering the site.  There is a beautiful beach with visitor access and swimming in the turquoise water is a great reprieve from the Yucatan sun.  Here are a few photos of my latest trip there.

Tulum ruins










Tulum ruins beach










tulum ruins










Would you go even with the new imposed photo/video fee?

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