Top 5 Best Resort Kid’s Clubs

If you’ve ever traveled with a child or teen you know that keeping them occupied with interesting activities along with the opportunity to make new friends can either make or break a vacation.  With family vacations on the rise again, there is a renewed interest in resorts which offer the most quality child/teen friendly amenities to help ensure that everyone in the family is happy.  Travel Impressions, one of the nation’s top leisure tour operators, has published a short list of their favorite recommendations.  Since this blog focuses on resorts in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, I will only list those recommendations which pertain to this area.

  • Ritz Carlton:  Although this isn’t an all-inclusive resort, their Kids Club is praised for its educational program based on Jean-Michel Cousteau’s “Ocean Future’s Society” (a program dedicated to educating people about the ocean and advising how best to protect this valuable resource).
  • Now Jade/Sapphire Riviera Cancun:  Red Cross certified staff and varied scheduled teen activities.
  • Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort:  An expansive Kids Club with 11 rooms including games rooms, toddler playrooms, kids beauty salon, mini-fashion runway, dollhouse, play kitchen, Xbox room, arcade, two playgrounds, and a children’s theater.
  • Generations Riviera Maya:  This resort started a program last fall entitled “Little Eko Chefs” which allows children to have a hands-on experience in learning to cook and prepare food.  The resort’s Kids Club offers many play areas including craft rooms, ball pits, movie room, video game room, and an indoor playground.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Cancun/Riviera Maya:  Hard Rock Hotels just started a new program for children age 12+ entitled “Music Lab”.  Children have the opportunity to rehearse and play in a band made up of other guests, remix music tracks and give a live DJ performance, or star in their own music video.

If I could add to their list I would definitely say Club Med and Crown Paradise Club.  Now that you’ve seen Travel Impressions top 5 list, which ones are your favorites?  Did any of your family’s favorites not make this cut?


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