Now Jade Finishes Improvements

Now Jade just finished some renovations to its property.  Here is what was done:

–new lobby

Now Jade lobby

The new lobby area, courtesy AMResorts










Now Jade lobby seating

Lobby seating, courtesy AMResorts










–renovated spa including hydrotherapy circuit, new mani/pedi and hairstylist stations and new bridal suite with massage area, tub, private shower

Now Jade spa

Hydrotherapy circuit, courtesy AMResorts










Now Jade spa stations

New stations at the spa, courtesy AMResorts










Now Jade spa pedi stations

New pedi stations, courtesy AMResorts










–renovated fitness center with new equipment (treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, stair climbers, and free weights

Now Jade fitness center

New fitness center equipment, courtesy AMResorts










What do you think about these new renovations?

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