Vendor Shooting at Riu Palace Peninsula

Sad day to admit that Cancun may be joining the ranks of other larger cities anywhere in the world in terms of firearm violence.  Whenever I have visited Cancun I always traveled around thinking I was perfectly safe in a beautiful and well-monitored tourist environment.  Unfortunately, I may have to re-think that position.  Yesterday there reportedly was a shooting near the Riu Palace Peninsula infinity pool which involved a beach vendor and some other Cancun locals.  The bullet entered the vendor’s lung and he was later pronounced dead on the way to the hospital.  Needless to say there was pandemonium amongst the guests (this resort is family-friendly so a lot of frantic parents) with some Riu resort staff either denying the incident or telling guests not to discuss the matter.

I would probably avoid this area for the time being until there are more security personnel onsite.

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  1. I’m staying at the Riu Caribe right next door it was crazy everyone was allowed back on the beach half hour later as though nothing had happened.

      • She is ok. Thankfully no one else was hurt. I think the reaction or lack there if to ensure safety is what bothered a lot of people. It may be common there but for most people this is not your typical day.

  2. We are at the Riu Caribe and the man was shot 200 metres from where we were sunbathing at 2:30pm. Terrifying as this might sound, Cancun is very safe and is probably as safe as the town or city we all live in at home. The way we all live our lives these days you may not even know what is going on in the house next door to you. The dead man was a drug dealer and 3 of the killers have been arrested. This incident was personal and the only threat to this resort is the actual tourists who buy these drugs.

    • I agree, not that Cancun is suddenly any more dangerous than any city here in the U.S., but the thought that anyone, including children, could have been hit with a stray bullet is completely unacceptable. Riu’s response is questionable–don’t speak about it or pretend it didn’t happen. If someone was traumatized they need to speak about it or it may turn into a PTSD kind of thing.

    • Cancun is typically very safe in the tourist areas, and we visit frequently. Regardless of who was involved when a shokting takes place in front of 100s of peopld it involves everyone. It would take one move for the gun to fire in a different direction than originally planned especially during an altercation. So for people to feel i secure about their safety is completely rational and shld be expected. Granted it was an isolated incident, still scary and still dangerous

  3. I was very close when this shooting happened and all the British ran thinking another Tunisia. It was drug related and was shot at point blank range but what if they had struggled and then the gun went off. There were 4 people involved so did they all have guns? What could have happened is unthinkable as families and children where so close by. The gunmen ran off towards the Caribe next door. Not impressed that such a thing could happen so close to us on Riu property. The staff did not go to this mans aid and the life guard ran the other way, the next day they were told that they couldn’t talk about it and seemed really frightened to mention anything. New guests arriving were told that it didn’t happen by reception. Posts put on trip advisor have been removed. At our welcome meeting we were told how safe Cancun is but having been there previously (a long time ago) it felt different. The thing that was mentioned and concerned holidaymakers was retaliation. I was glad I was leaving two days later and will not be returning.

    • Sorry to hear you will not be returning to Cancun. I think it is a normal reaction, though, to witnessing such an event. What is particularly troublesome is the resort’s response of keeping things hush-hush, telling guests that what they saw they didn’t actually see or hear is unfathomable. I can understand trying to keep one’s reputation, but to deny an actual horrific experience will ultimately do them more harm than good.

  4. We just got home from another riu and heard about the day of the shooting while there. On the ride to the airport a couple from the resort where the shooting occurred confirmed the shooting. They said the staff handled the incident great.

  5. I am British, and when I heard the shot I instantly panicked but froze, then everyone was screaming and running and because I was watching them I didnt realise the man had been shot infront of me, then I saw him and never have I been so scared.. I will admit, I thought Tunisia was happening all over again, and I ran with everyone and stayed in my room. The lack of security and the hotel staff’s considoration for the guests after was shocking, it was as if they didn’t care! We don’t get gun crime or murders where I live in England, and I have never seen someone die, but he didn’t just die he was murdered! He died before he got to hospital, I can still see him trying to crawl to safety and I always thought I would be the type of person to help someone like that, but I was just too scared! I didnt know if there were others still with guns, or if they were going to shoot again, and I was on honeymoon with my husband.. We have two young children who were back home too. It was our last full day before we flew back to England and thank god, because I just wanted to go home!

  6. OK…the shooting happen about 25 feet from the right hand side from the pool. The young real young man was executed against a tree. Absolutely horrible. This happened on the 26th at around 2pm. Scary all day. Lots of police with automatic weapons. If they looked at you it was like you were a suspect….welcome to Cancun. Never a warning or comment from RIU. Just arrived that day.

  7. With this incident happened, you think is it still safe to go to Cancun?
    We will be staying in Hotel Riu Cancun this coming weekend. We are thinking twice to cancel our hotel and go to different all-inclusive resort that is not in Mexico. But it is already late I guess.

    • Hello: Yes, I actually feel more safe walking down the streets of Cancun at night than the big city in which I live in the US. It was a random incident with no violent follow-through; you will have a fabulous time at Riu Cancun!!

    • Yes , I was there when it happened in April. Just a random incident I was only a few feet away. The rest of my vacation was wonderful at Riu. I had about 5 shootings in my city just since Jan 1st. so I would say a lot safer in Cancun!!! So go and have a wonderful time.

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