Temptation Cancun Resort Opens On Time

Temptation Cancun Resort opened its doors yesterday for its “soft opening”; the resort has been closed since fall 2016 for a complete renovation.  As is typical of many soft openings, there are several areas of the resort which are in the process of being finished including the following:

  • many tower rooms (rooms around the quiet pool are mostly done already)
  • elevators to tower suites are not finished
  • some initial problems with A/C, hot water, and shower drainage
  • Sky Bar won’t be open for at least another month
  • Asian restaurant will be open in a couple of weeks
  • sports bar is still closed

The “sexy pool” is open until 9 p.m, while the “quiet pool” appears to be open 24-hrs. at the present time (this may change).  The resort will offer a couples-only restaurant (SHE) and more party opportunities (poolside DJ’s and the new Sky Bar area once it’s done).

The resort is offering discounts from now until the end of Dec. 2017–45% off through Oct. 31, and 40% off from Nov. 1 through Dec. 21, 2017.  The big grand opening will be held Oct. 16.


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