Temptation Cancun Resort Opening Hits Snag???

With only 3 weeks left to go until Temptation Cancun Resort’s reopening on the 15th, there may be a small problem in the works.  Rumor has it that work on the resort has been temporarily halted by a judge due to public bicycle lane damage (from the renovations). While witnesses on the scene deny that work has been halted, it remains to be seen whether this judge’s order will have consequences to the resort’s reopening date.  Even if the resort opens on time, renovations will still continue on some upper level tower rooms (including Penthouse Suites) and public spaces such as one or two restaurants.  The pool has recently been filled with water, however, which is always a good sign.  For those of you wanting to take a chance and book a room so soon after its opening, the resort is “sold out” for several weeks after its official opening date.  I’m taking this to mean that all available rooms that have been finished (who knows what that total will be, however) are sold out, not the entire resort since tower rooms are not all completed.

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