Rebranding of Gran Caribe and Gran Porto Resorts

To those of you familiar with Panama Jack products (sunglasses, tanning oil, beach clothing, etc.), it may be of interest to note that Playa Hotels and Resorts has partnered with said company in order to launch Panama Jack’s brand into Mexico’s all-inclusive market.  Both the Gran Caribe and Gran Porto Resorts will be rebranded with the Panama Jack name (Panama Jack Gran Caribe/Panama Jack Gran Porto)–the resorts will officially use the name in the last quarter of 2017 following a multi-million dollar refurbishment.

According to reports, the resorts will be aiming to recreate a “retro-hip vibe” which will reflect the life of a traveler–“think living walls, community dining, vintage surfboards and classic beach cruisers”.  While there are no plans to close either resort for these renovations and promises of “minimal interruption” to existing guests, time will tell whether these kinds of renovations, particularly room renovations, can be done without some kind of temporary closure.

9 thoughts on “Rebranding of Gran Caribe and Gran Porto Resorts

    • Jane: By May everything should be done–the Gran Porto should be done by Jan. 2018 so I am anticipating the Gran Caribe will be done around the same time. If I hear differently I will let you know.

    • Jane, I just heard that the Gran Caribe in the Hotel Zone is mostly done with the renovations, there just may be some furniture replacements needing to be done in the buffet. Have a great trip!

    • Eric: Renovations at the Gran Porto are continuing and don’t look like they will be fully completed until Jan. 2018. As of mid November, they were finishing the ground floor beach rooms and renovating the lobby. Maybe by the time you get there in Dec. most of the big renovations will be completed? Any possibility you can stay at the sister resort, THE Royal Playa del Carmen right across the street?? Good luck on this issue.

  1. Hello! we are planning a visit for late February to early March 2018 at the Gran Caribe. Will the renovations be complete by that time?

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