Oasis Tulum Changes Name

If you’re looking for information regarding Oasis Tulum and can’t find it so easily anymore, don’t think you are losing your mind or that you’ve just imagined there was an Oasis Tulum–the parent company has decided to merge the Oasis Tulum and the Grand Oasis Tulum into one resort for a more effortless resort experience.  The entire property is now called Grand Oasis Tulum (instead of it just being an upgraded section within Oasis Tulum).  The new upgraded section within the resort is called Sian Ka’an and offers several perks, while the Casa Club still remains halfway between the main road and the lobby turnoffs.

Given the transition, there may be several policy changes–one of the most obvious is the amenity restrictions which existed for Oasis Tulum guests (Casa Club guests are still restricted to certain restaurants, bars, and other amenities, however).  Another policy change seems to be concerning the cabanas all around the resort.  Instead of first-come first-served, cabanas are now supposed to be complimentary for Sian Ka’an upgraded guests and an extra charge for other guests.  This most likely will mean a sign-up procedure as well.  Other policies may well be modified, but that is a wait and see process.  Keep checking back for more updates!

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