New Riviera Maya Ecopark to Open

Experiencias Xcaret has announced that a new ecopark will be opening in the Riviera Maya June 1, 2016 (it originally was supposed to open Oct. 2015).  The new park, Xenses, is approximately 99 acres with a cost of USD $20 million and will be “nature-focused” and thus similar to Xcaret and Xplor parks in its general environmental setting.  Xenses, however, will differ from these parks in that it will focus on the “feelings and experiences” one has with and about nature with an emphasis on sight, touch, and taste.

Xenses will offer different activities and services including the following:

  • circuit rope course
  • zip lines
  • artificial ponds/pools
  • water slides
  • animal exhibits
  • 3D movies
  • sensory stimulation tours

Keep checking back for updates about this new ecopark–it is meant for visitors who only want to leave their resorts/hotels/condos for a half-day.


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