ME Cancun’s Beach Club Reopens

ME Cancun by Melia issued a statement yesterday that their beach club will be reopening June 10, 2017.  Since their statement didn’t specifically say the entire resort, I am guessing there are parts that are still undergoing renovations.  I will check further and see what is going on.

Addendum added June 2:  A hotel representative stated that the resort itself will be opening a couple of days prior to the Beach Club re-opening, and at that time they will be posting info and pics of their renovations and amenities.  Won’t be long now!

7 thoughts on “ME Cancun’s Beach Club Reopens

  1. Melia has not been upfront throughout the entire renovation project so believing anything they say is pointless. We were supposed to stay there in April and got sent to Paradisus. We walked down the beach and renovations were nowhere near complete. I saw recently on another travel site where someone had taken and posted photos from May and renovations were not much further along, you could still see exposed steel on the additional floors and the 2 new buildings were nowhere near complete. They may open but I suspect the hotel will still be undergoing significant renovations (soft opening) and I’m sure they won’t tell you that. I strongly suggest to anyone that is thinking of booking there right now to look elsewhere until new\legitimate reviews are posted on reputable sites. I laugh when I see reviews on a very popular “advisor” travel site where people are saying they stayed their several weeks ago. I will never believe another thing I read on that site as they are clearly in bed with the hotels. You spoke with the hotel on June 2nd? It’s now June 9th and there are still no “new” photos or any official announcement. What a shame.

    • There “official” re-opening is supposed to be tomorrow; they have been posting pics and videos of the pool area and the DJ stage area on the beach on Instagram, which looks very nice, but no other official pics yet. I totally agree with you, there may be some rooms available but probably major construction and noise will continue for quite a while unless there are pics and first hand experiences verifying otherwise. I would wait to book this place for about 3 more mos. unless otherwise indicated.

  2. I’ve found these comments to be very helpful. I have a trip planned with a large group for labor day weekend in September and all the recent reviews I’ve seen via trip advisor have me a bit worried. If anyone who recently stayed could provide more insight that would be great. I have not booked yet and I am curious to know if it will be intact by labor day.

    • I would definitely look elsewhere. I have stayed there the last 10 years but will never stay at a Melia property again. The reviews don’t lie. They opened the hotel while still under MAJOR construction without being upfront about it. For the past 10 months they have let folks books room knowing full well they would not be open. I have been following this very closely from the start as we had rooms booked back in April. It took numerous phones calls until our reservation was finally transferred to one of their sister hotels. Over the 10 year period we became very close to numerous employees who have been treated worse than customers during this fiasco. If they were located in the States someone would be going to jail over this. Spend your money with someone who appreciates it.

    • Lisa: While I have not stayed at ME post renovations, I have read on Instagram that singles or couples seem to be having a more enjoyable experience over groups, even with only 2 restaurants and limited amenities open. If it were myself traveling with a group during Labor Day, I would pass on this particular resort until I was sure everything was running smoothly enough to make it worthwhile. The price p/night is pretty steep for the possibility of a huge disappointment.

  3. Check out posts on their FB page w/pictures of the renovations still being done, as well as FunJet stating the renovations won’t be completed until September. Buyer beware.

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