ME Cancun Not Quite Ready for Visitors Despite Re-Opening

There has been a lot of confusion and lack of communication coming from the resort concerning ME’s recent renovations.  While the resort has re-opened (just prior to June 10), there is still ongoing construction, some of it major, with only limited services and amenities available–even the rooms are still being worked on with only limited access to them as a whole.  While I haven’t been to Cancun since March 2017, I have followed ME Cancun’s progress (or lack thereof) on social media and here is the scoop:

  • only some of the pool areas are fully completed
  • beach club has been available
  • only two restaurants are open
  • gym is available
  • exposed wiring in the main building common areas–still working on it
  • only some guest rooms available

There has been a statement made on Instagram within the last 48 hrs. where a guest set to arrive in several days has been told she will need to be rebooked into another resort (most likely the Paradisus Cancun) because the resort will be “closing” (vacationers words, not mine).  If you have reservations at the resort within the next couple of weeks you may want to think about cancelling and rebooking if at all possible.  People are having a difficult time getting Melia, the parent company, or the resort itself to respond to inquiries.

So, it does not look like ME Cancun is truly ready for guests.  If I were thinking of booking here in the near future, I would definitely wait 3 months in order for the resort to be fully functional.

If you are still looking for a party atmosphere at a more upscale resort, try researching Breathless Riviera Cancun

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