Kan-Kanan Artificial Reef

As many Riviera Maya “fans” are aware, there is an artificial reef being built along the coast by Puerto Morelos specifically affecting the all-inclusive resorts of Generations Riviera Maya and the neighboring El Dorado Resorts (El Dorado Casitas Royale and El Dorado Royale).

This artificially-constructed reef consists of the specific placement of over 1,000 hollow pyramidal cement structures, each one weighing approximately ten tons, by a team of specialized divers and a crane. Aerial views reveal the placement of these structures to resemble a huge serpent, thus the name Kan-Kanán which means “The Guarding Serpent” in Mayan.

Environmentalists believe the artificial reef will help protect this part of the coast from erosion brought about by time and the elements as well as regenerate the marine ecosystem in this area.

Estimated date of completion is the end of Dec. 2015

Watch a short video of the project!




2 thoughts on “Kan-Kanan Artificial Reef

  1. Any current video of Kan-Kanan reef in Puerto Morales at Generations Riviera Maya? I would love to see what has grown on the artificial reef since its completion in 2015.

    • Vikki: I haven’t pursued this and haven’t seen any pics yet, but I will look more carefully for underwater pics. If you find any, let me know as well.

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