Iberostar Quetzal Lobby Fire

Unfortunately, there was a fire yesterday at the Iberostar Quetzal which totally destroyed the lobby and surrounding area.  Reportedly the fire was started by a spark from the buffet restaurant kitchen, but that is unconfirmed.  Guests from the Iberostar resort were evacuated and have been bussed to the Iberostar Paraiso.  There were some guests and employees which incurred minor smoke inhalation injuries, but a fireman is in the hospital in critical condition.  Here are a few sad pics:

Iberostar Quetzal lobby fire

Start of the palapa on fire at the Quetzal lobby














Iberostar Quetzal fire

Quite a blaze














Iberostar Quetzal fire

Fire view from the beach












Iberostar Quetzal fire

Completely destroyed









I’m sure they will rebuild as quickly as they can, but this was a very lovely part of the resort.

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