How to See If Your Digital Safe Will Keep Your Valuables Safe

While there’s no way to ensure that your valuables remain safe in your guest room’s digital safe while on vacation, there is a brief test you can perform to see if the safe you have has a fairly common overriding “default code/password”.  Most travelers know that digital safes require a numerical “code” or combination in order to lock/unlock them, but sometimes guests forget these chosen codes or digital safes’ batteries die which makes them impossible to reopen.  Resorts/hotels often deal with this issue by having a master “default code/password” which saves them time and trouble if they have to reopen the safe for the guest.

The trick is this, and I do it every time I check into a room where I want to utilize the digital safe:  pick out your code and use this code to lock the safe.  Once the safe is locked, type in all zeros (it’s usually six 0 0 0 0 0 0) and see if this opens the safe.  If it does, you have a safe which has an easy overriding default code and basically every employee of the resort/hotel could gain access to your valuables.  If I encounter a safe like this, I use a combination lock which I always take with me on vacations and put my valuables back in my suitcase and lock them in there.  Or, if two of you are traveling together, it may be beneficial to bring two combination locks and divide your valuables into two suitcases.  Most resorts have some sort of exit security for their employees, and it’s a lot more difficult to explain why someone is carrying out a suitcase than it is to pocket valuables and bring them home with them.

Of course, there are other safety measures one can take (have the resort/hotel lock up your valuables in their safe down in the lobby, for example), but I’ve found this to be the simplest one for me.  If someone really wants to gain access to your valuables and has the time, I’m sure they could open any safe they want–just look on YouTube and find multiple videos on how to successfully open a digital safe.  This is just one way to avoid a potential disaster.

What’s your method for making sure your valuables are safe while on vacation?


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