Grand Velas Resort to Include new Digital Detox Program

The Grand Velas resort recently started a new program for families entitled “Digital Detox”.  The program is aimed at getting families to spend more quality time together on vacation by collecting all digital devices–all phones, laptops, iPads, hand-held games, etc., are handed to the “detox concierge” upon arrival who then locks them in a safe.  The detox concierge is also responsible for having the flat screen TV removed from the participating family’s guest room.  In return, participants are given board games to use while at the resort in addition to guaranteed participation in bicycle tours, snorkeling tours, ecological property tours, and certain spa treatments.  For each activity completed, a bracelet is given to each family member; bracelets may eventually be exchanged for personal electronics prior to departure.  The lobby will proudly display the last names of participating families along with clocks designating the amount of time each family has been “detoxing” during their stay.

For more information, check out this link.



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