Generations Maroma Closing

Generations Maroma is in the process of transferring all of its amenities to its sister resort and adjacent property, El Dorado Maroma.  According to its parent company, Karisma Hotels and Resorts, Generations Maroma is adding its suites, Chakay restaurant, and bars to the pre-existing El Dorado Maroma property due to the “overwhelming demand of El Dorado Maroma”.  Generations Riviera Maya, a family-friendly resort success, will absorb the bookings  meant for Generations Maroma.

Generations Maroma portfolio of amenities includes the following:

  • 30 suites (one to three bedrooms)
  • two-level beachfront villa equipped with five bedrooms
  • Chakay restaurant
  • Sunset Bar (rooftop seating)

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