Fins Banned at Akumal Bay?

I just read on the Friends of Akumal Bay page on Facebook that the new Profepa rule states that all fins are now banned from snorkelers at Akumal Bay.  This reportedly includes all tour group members as well as guests staying at the resorts.  Wow.  Fins disturb the sand which prevents the sun from nourishing sea bottom grasses as well as potentially damaging coral beds, so looks like the new rule makes sense for the turtles but may present a different kind of snorkeling experience for vacationers.

3 thoughts on “Fins Banned at Akumal Bay?

  1. We were recently in Akumal Bay and stayed at Secrets resorts. We didn’t use fins just a mask for snorkeling and there were a tone of groups coming in from other areas. There are many large turtles here to view and the need for fins is unnecessary. The bay is very calm and there is very little current and you can view them in less then 12 feet of water. I personally am happy about the ban as all those people do disturb the water and the turtles. We were also told that the government has also cut the amount of tour groups per day in half due to all the disturbance from the groups. I think if people are concerned about not using fins they should use a life jacket. Hopefully these turtles will be there for many more years to come. We saw people standing on coral heads with their fins which is a big No-No anywhere. This is an easy accessible beach water shoe aren’t even needed.

    • Sheila: Thanks for your firsthand observations. Sad to hear people are standing on the coral, I hope everyone can abide by the new rules for the sake of the bay and the turtles.

  2. Yes, me too absolutely. Perhaps viewers who read this blog will pass on the information that in order to be future observers we must have restraint.
    It was a beautiful experience to see these majestic creatures and I would highly recommend it and Secrets Akumal was fantastic. There are three additional resorts at this location and they also in addition to the outside groups spend time to see the large turtles and can get quite crowded at times. Perhaps more will be in place as they see how the turtles navigate the crowds.

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