Excellence Riviera Cancun Finishes Public Space Renovations

Excellence Riviera Cancun has added some new and exciting touches with Phase II of its renovations.  An 8th restaurant has been added, Flavor Market, which is a tapas a la carte alternative.

Excellence Riviera Cancun Flavor Market

New tapas restaurant Flavor Market, courtesy Excellence Resorts

Another addition is Aroma, a coffee shop, where you may enjoy coffee and pastries.

Excellence Riviera Cancun coffee shop Aroma

New coffee and pastry shop Aroma, courtesy Excellence Resorts

There have also been changes to The Grill and The Lobster House restaurants.

Excellence Riviera Cancun Grill/Lobster Bar

The Grill/Lobster Bar, courtesy Excellence Resorts

Excellence Riviera Cancun The Grill restaurant

The Grill restaurant, courtesy Excellence Resorts

Excellence Riviera Cancun

The Lobster restaurant, courtesy Excellence Resorts

Lastly, although not an addition, they have changed the Alegria Bar into a sports bar.

Excellence Riviera Cancun sports bar

Sports Bar, courtesy Excellence Resorts

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