El Dorado Maroma Overwater Palafitos Has a New Opening Date

Just got word that the EDM Overwater Palafitos suite category opening date has been set forward a couple of months to Sept.  2016.  This change occurred because the resort is making changes to the palafitos’ floor plan in order to make the lounge and bedrooms larger than the first one’s which have been completed and shown to travel agents.  They are also planning on putting in a spa and restaurant specifically for guests staying in this room category as well.

Since I am planning on ATTEMPTING to book this room once it becomes available, I have found a travel website which offers me a chance to be notified as soon as the rooms officially become available for booking.  You can join this same list!  Check out this link if you are interested as well; if you follow the link you will also find a slideshow of palafitos’ construction in addition to three videos–take a look!

4 thoughts on “El Dorado Maroma Overwater Palafitos Has a New Opening Date

    • Rosa: While this is not a travel agency site (I am not a certified/licensed travel agent), I just looked up the price for an overwater bungalow for those dates in April. With Karisma’s promotional deal, this category of room is USD $1,820 per night and that is without air. A couple of ways to save some money if you want to book this room type–visit a trusted travel agent/agency and have them look up a bundled deal for you, room + air. If you get a travel agent who already has an “in” with Karisma, that may save you more $. Also, those dates you want are still in high season with spring break. If you book the room outside of high season, that is another way to save money. Let me know if you need additional info; I have previously posted info from agents who are certified with Karisma, so I can look up prior postings for names if you’d like. M. Tess

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