Dreams Sands Cancun Update

Dreams Sands Cancun continues to make updates to their newly opened resort.  Recently, the Preferred Club was completed and is fully open for business.  Here are a few pics:

Dreams Sands Cancun Preferred Club Lounge

Preferred Club Lounge, courtesy AMResorts

Guests are finally getting the balcony rooms they had originally booked (don’t plan on upgrading to a balcony room once you’re at the resort–they go quickly!).  The Honeymoon Suites were closed and being renovated for plumbing issues mid November 2014, while general room fixes and building renovations continue to occur.

Even though the resort has ordered more cabanas and loungers, guests will have to get up super early here to reserve prime spots around the pool and at the beach–think 5:45 a.m. during peak travel periods.  Resort staff periodically collect towels off unoccupied beds and loungers, but most of the time this rule is not enforced.

I would personally give this resort at least three more months before vacationing here in order to give them more time to finish the renovations which should have been completed prior to its opening.  It’s still a work in progress.



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