Crackdown on Illicit Alcohol–Results of a Surprise Investigation

Mexican authorities have recently done an investigation on 31 resorts, restaurants, and nightclubs in both Cancun and the Riviera Maya in order to see who may be serving illicit/bootleg alcohol.  Their investigation resulted in the following findings:

  • suspension of services at Kukulkan, the Iberostar Paraiso Maya lobby bar.  Inspectors found unlabeled and expired alcohol, water leakage, and lack of disinfectant.
  • suspension of services at Fat Tuesday, a Cancun bar, for unlabeled alcohol.  Inspectors seized a combined 90 gallons of such alcohol from both Fat Tuesday and Iberostar Paraiso Maya lobby bar.
  • lack of maintenance, cleanliness, order and documentation citations were given to the following Riviera Maya resorts–Iberostar Paraiso Lindo, Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso, while the following Riviera Maya restaurants and bars were given similar citations including La Choperia, Los Forgotten, Coco Bongo, Mexico Loco, and Guy Fieri’s.
  • lack of maintenance, cleanliness, order and documentation citations were given to Iberostar Cancun, while the following Cancun restaurants and bars were given similar citations including Hooters, La Vaquita, Blue Gecko, Dady’Os, Mr. Frogs, Crab House, Fred’s House, Porfirio’s Cancun, The Distillery, La Casa del Habano, and Carlos and Charlie’s.

During the most recent investigation, Mexican authorities also seized 10,000 gallons of alcohol distributed by a manufacturer who reportedly is suspected of not adhering to regulations regarding the production of alcohol–Mexican authorities did not release the manufacturers name.

While the Mexican government has made great strides in reducing the illicit alcohol problem in Mexico, there remains a problem with this type of situation–currently, 36% of alcohol consumed in all of Mexico is illegally produced (including tainted alcohol) which is down from 43% two years prior.

NOTE:  While the Valentin Imperial Maya and Secrets Akumal have been named in interviews by several visitors within the last 12 mos. as allegedly serving tainted alcohol/drugged drinks, recent investigations have shown nothing to indicate this practice is presently occurring at these particular resorts.

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