Comment Policy

I love receiving comments on my blog–it helps me to know what information readers find helpful or unhelpful as well as what has changed in the world of Cancun and Riviera Maya all-inclusives.  There may be some comments, however, that I believe to be non-productive to this blog community which I reserve the right to edit or delete.  The following are examples of such comments:

  • Use of profanity
  • Offensive comments or remarks (degrading, threatening, or attacking remarks).  I do not tolerate bullying behavior or “put-downs”
  • Spam or questionable spam (if your comment has an attached link, it becomes spam or questionable spam)
  • Comments with more than three links
  • Comments which are overly promotional, including excessive linking to any one site or domain
  • Travel agents are encouraged to leave comments since they are wonderful resources.  However, comments which are attempts to solicit business will be edited or deleted.
  • Those who own timeshares at various resorts are also encouraged to leave comments about the property since “owners” have first-hand knowledge; however, comments which attempt to solicit others to use the time they have purchased at these resorts will be deleted.