Blue Parrot Nightclub Shooting

As most people are already aware, Playa del Carmen’s popular Blue Parrot nightclub was the site of a tragic shooting early this morning at around 2:30 a.m.  There are five deaths reported including several security members and a US citizen from Colorado who was killed in the ensuing stampede; the motive of the shooting is unclear at this time, but Mexican police are investigating the possibilities of retribution for failed extortion payments, a murder plot for unknown reasons, or failure to access the BPM Music Festival in order to sell drugs.  While the report states this is a resort, the Blue Parrot also owns a small hotel in Playa del Carmen which is not one of the large all-inclusive resorts popular in this area (Playa del Carmen is a 40 min. drive south of the Cancun airport).  If you wish to know more about this story, here is an article and short video.


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