Allegro Playacar Starts on Major Renovations

For those of you thinking of booking the Allegro Playacar, you may want to know that the resort has already begun some major renovations starting with the guest rooms.  Here is a short list of the major projects the resort plans on doing in a gradual fashion so as to minimally disrupt guest stays:

  • guest rooms
  • lobby
  • buffet restaurant
  • new fitness center
  • disco and sports bars

Renovations are planned from June 13, 2016 to October 15, 2016.

15 thoughts on “Allegro Playacar Starts on Major Renovations

    • Lorraine: I’ve checked a couple of sources who still reflect the Nov. 15 reopening date. Also, I did a “dummy booking” on the Barceló website for Nov. 19 for 7 nights and it came back with availability for the Allegro (since Barceló bought out Occidental). So far everyone is still assuming the reopening date is Nov. 15, 2016. If the wedding were closer to mid November I too would be extremely nervous, but having a two week span of time between a projected reopening date and the wedding date seems to be less risky. Barcelo wants to open as soon as possible because of the holiday season, so they have the motivation to hire extra people to see that it gets done as close as possible to the projected date.

  1. Are there any news about the reopening? We are arriving at Allegro Playacar on the late evening of November 22. We r arriving at Cancun airport at 9PM and we take it from there to the hotel. It would be very disappointing after about 20 hours of travelling to not to have a place to lay down. Thanks for answering in advance.

    • Hello! Everything I’m reading is still saying November 19, 2016 at the latest. While I was able to do a “dummy” booking on Oct. 26 showing availabilities, the Barceló site shows it’s all booked up until Nov. 28. If you have serious concerns, I would call Barceló at 1-800-227-2356 with your booking number and ask if the resort will be open by the 22nd. That way you get a direct answer from the parent company–they should know the date of re-opening at this point. When you find out you can let me know if the date is different. Hope this works out for you!

      • Hello! Thanks for answering. Is there an other number I could call from abroad? We are travelling from Europe and the 1.800 number would not work for us. I have tried to visit the website but it idoes not work for me. This is becoming really weird. Nobody notified us about such things I just came across the renovation article by chance when browsing information about the hotel. So is that still valid that guests will be placed in an other hotel? Thanks for answering in advance even if you can just provide me with their phone number for international calls. Thanks!

        • Here are additional phone numbers: from the UK 08000-211-256, email:, direct Mexico line is 52-984-873-4507 (from the UK–I’m not sure which country you’d be calling from, you add 00 before the 52, I believe–you could google how to dial Mexico from your home country since the actual number starts with the 52), fax number is 52-984-873-4507. Here is a link which I hope works for you Yes, if by some chance the resort is still closed they have been sending travelers to their sister hotel, the Maya Grand which is a bit further south in the Riviera Maya, but it is a mega-resort. I would consider that to be an upgrade. But some people don’t like mega-resorts due to their size. Let me know what happens!!

          • Hello! Thanks a lot for all the help Admin. So I have called Allegro and asked about the reopening. By the way the direct phone number to confirm reservations is 0052 984 873 4500. I was told that the latest date for opening is November 15,2016 but by our arrival on November 22,2016 they will be open for more than sure. Now i feel a bit better. Anyway i will update this topic once we arrived at the hotel. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

          • Thanks so much for your response! I’m glad you feel more at ease, now you can truly enjoy your vacation. Let us know how the renovations turned out. Bon voyage!

  2. Hello Admin and everyone! So we have returned from our holiday in Mexico just two days ago. Allegro Playacar still goes on with renovations and as expected we were transferred to Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, which is about 20 minutes by taxi or collectivo vans from Allegro. We were not so happy about the transferring on the beginning since we were already travelling for about 22 hours. But all that went away when we seen Barcelo Maya Beach Resort. It is huge but we like huge resorts, the beach is just like in a dream so fantastic. All services were included and the food was amazing. We recommend this resort either to singles, couples or families with kids. You can find both beautiful private areas or crawded ones. Staff was amazing and really helpfull at all times. All in all we have had an amazing week and did not miss Allegro at all. Thanks Admin for all your help! Much appreciated!

    • So happy that you had a great time despite moving you to a different resort! So much for resort’s promises that reno’s will be completed by one’s arrival date. I just thought that applied to brand new resorts, but evidently not so.

  3. Hello All,

    I am wondering Imrich if they told you when Allegro would be reopened? I have booked a group trip there in the beginning of February and was wondering if there was an update.


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