Akumal Protest Turns Violent

Vacationers thinking of visiting Akumal, either to swim with the turtles for the day or those staying in villas or condos in this vicinity, may want to delay or cancel their trips until the situation settles down.  Last night on the 29th what started out as a peaceful gathering turned violent as molotov cocktails, rocks, and God knows what else were hurled at police, protesters, and bystanders with several burned vehicles and a burned police station.  There are reports of missing protesters, but so far those are rumors and have not been officially verified.  These kinds of situations should not affect the AI resorts of Secrets or its neighbor, ABBWR, but guests staying here should not venture to the north of their resorts at this time.  Check out this video–such a sad situation.

2 thoughts on “Akumal Protest Turns Violent

    • Were you there when the incident occurred? The video looks alarming. I guess the area is different than when I went in November, I think that was a couple of months before the protests began.

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