Allegro Playacar Starts on Major Renovations

For those of you thinking of booking the Allegro Playacar, you may want to know that the resort has already begun some major renovations starting with the guest rooms.  Here is a short list of the major projects the resort plans on doing in a gradual fashion so as to minimally disrupt guest stays: Continue reading

Temptation Resort in Cancun Closes For Complete Renovation

For those of you that don’t already know, Temptation Resort is closing for a total renovation.  The resort will be closed starting September 25, 2016, and will reopen August 2017.  Everything about the resort will have a new look–the new look is described as “sensual minimalism”.  Here’s a sneak peek.

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Videos of New El Dorado Seaside Suites (not Sensimar)

While this resort is on my vacation short list, there is not a lot of dedicated material on it yet despite its opening in late 2015.  Although the resort was partially accessible to guests at that time, amenities have been completed in stages meaning that guests have been unable to fully access or enjoy everything this new resort has to offer.  Here are a few short videos which, hopefully, will give you a better idea of what the resort presently looks like.  (If you’d like to read a review of property amenities, here’s the link).

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Xenses Park Now Open

For those of you interested in checking out the new attractions in the Riviera Maya, Xenses Park has now opened its doors.  The new attraction is located very near Xcaret Park and offers water slides, zip lines, optical illusions, a town turned upside down (your challenge is to navigate it), and what it feels like to fly like a bird (among other attractions).  Oh yes, you can also get completely covered in mud–I think I will pass on that one, however.  I do appreciate that visitors are able to book transportation to and from their resort through the website.  Here’s the link if you are interested.

How to See If Your Digital Safe Will Keep Your Valuables Safe

While there’s no way to ensure that your valuables remain safe in your guest room’s digital safe while on vacation, there is a brief test you can perform to see if the safe you have has a fairly common overriding “default code/password”.  Most travelers know that digital safes require a numerical “code” or combination in order to lock/unlock them, but sometimes guests forget these chosen codes or digital safes’ batteries die which makes them impossible to reopen.  Resorts/hotels often deal with this issue by having a master “default code/password” which saves them time and trouble if they have to reopen the safe for the guest.

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Download Cancun Smart Map App Next Time You’re There

If you’re not too familiar with Cancun or the Riviera Maya, now there’s an app which can help.  The Cancun Convention and Tourism center has launched an interactive map which allows visitors to gain access to various information about public beaches, shopping malls, entertainment venues, distances between destinations, as well as host to weather widgets and live webcam feeds.  Check out this link for more information concerning what this app covers and where to go to access this great travel “friend”.